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The Jr. & Sr. Badminton Teams!

If there was One Thing I Wished I Knew When I was Younger...

Sports psychology is huge. Teams invest thousands of dollars a year to prep and keep their athletes in top mental condition - not just physical.

Professional athletes are not just where they are because they are good, but because they are consistently good when they play... they’re reliable. More importantly - they’ve put in the time.

Visualize, watch others, mimic, try, learn, pick yourself up,

have fun, listen, stay positive, win and loose as a team.

Competition starts and finishes with yourself. Work hard, look for ways to improve, analyze mistakes and successes... but above all, recognize the effort. If you put the effort into practicing and into the match, no one, including yourself, can take anything away from you if you take these steps. I don’t care if we win but rather only care that you have fun and that you grow to be a strong athlete in the process. 

So be proud of putting in a solid effort and recognize the positive effort. It’s not all about winning, but simply doing your best, being consistent, having fun and working hard. Believe me.

~ Mr. H

Rules, Tips & Videos on Badminton!

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We’re back on for this year. Watch this page and get out and practice. We will start holding weekend badminton sessions starting in November.

                                                                ~ Mr. Hartley


ps. In the mean time, check out this link... Badminton Nanaimo  Note the videos listed in the lower right. This page has some great stuff.


Mr. Hsieh & Mr. Hartley

Last Updated: March 9th