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  Textile Workers

Average/Minimum wage:  $131/month, or around 70 cents/hour
Average hours/week:  47h+
Civil Unrest:  The factory work conditions in Honduras are slightly better than those of other countries, even though Honduras is one of the poorest countries on the west. Workers barely make enough to survive, but they rarely revolt. Many textile workers have complained about their work conditions, and many have protested peacefully against their employers.

  In our research, we have found that most Honduras textile workers are somewhat satisfied with their work life and there have been very few violent issues related to work. Factory workers are often treated poorly by their employers, and the minimum wage is very low, but in a country with an economy as poor as Honduras', workers do not expect much from their jobs. Overall Honduran work life is poor, but the workers are able to live off their wages and are still able to stand the work conditions.

  Child Labour

Average/Minimum wage:  $63.50/month, or 36 cents/hour - some children are unpaid
Average hours/week:  44h+
Children Unemployed:  356,000 (15.4% of total child population, ages 5 - 17)
Civil Unrest:  Much like other countries with child labour problems, people are trying to put a stop to it. However, in third world countries children are easily exploited for their lower wages. Child labourers have to spend their day working rather than going to school. For many of them, their only way to survive is to work for little to no pay and extremely harsh conditions.

  Many UN and USA aid groups have helped with the child labour problem, but it will not soon be abolished. In 1998, the Honduran government became aware of how much of a problem child labour was, and they promised to take an estimated 240,000 children from work and put them into school. Today, many children are still employed and work for little pay and for long hours. Their conditions have improved, but it is still a problem in Honduras.

  Comparison Chart

Type of Worker Avg./Min wage (per hour) Avg. hours/week
Honduran textile worker $0.70 47+
Honduran child worker $0.36 44+
First world worker (Canadian) $8.00 40 hours

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