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Peer Tutors strive to bring out the best in others.

Our goal is to foster the positive attitudes and traditions of excellence which are hallmarks of the Mt. Doug community. The goal of the Mt. Douglas peer tutoring program is to provide academic learning support for students of all abilities. Student tutors volunteer their spare time to assist with homework, notebook organization, study skills and exam preparation. They help to increase self-confidence while also improving attitudes about academics. A weekly meeting is encouraged to gain the support and encouragement which are key elements to academic success. Peer Tutors assist students in a number of ways throughout the school, some of which are summarized below.

Drop-In Tutoring

Our Drop-In Centre is open everyday afterschool from Monday to Friday in the Career Center and Library. We are happy to provide assistance in all academic subjects to students. Many students find visiting the Drop-In Centre useful when they are preparing for a difficult test or have missed several days of school and need help catching up. Students are required to check in with the tutors on duty in the Career Centre for tutoring help. Additional tutoring can be arranged by leaving your request with the tutoring supervisors. They will pass the request along and a tutor will contact you.

Tutor Pairings

If a student is having problems in a course that are not temporary, we suggest that they be paired with a tutor. These pairings allow the tutor to better prepare for each tutoring session and to see the progress of the student. Tutors meet with their clients at least once a week. They are available every day at lunch as well as before and after school upon request. Please visit the "Request a Tutor" page if you would like to be paired with a tutor.